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Taylor's Tea

It is honoured to name this tea as taylor’s tea, as it is a very special tailer made tea, exclusively available with Lantana only. The tea leaves for this very special single estate tea comes from the Sri Lanka’s very first grown tea estate: call Loolecondera. The tea seeds are planted in 1867 in Loolecondera estate and the tea leaves which plucked to made this special collection are from those oldest tea trees.

“Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.” - Sydney Smith, A memoir of the Rev. Sydney Smith

Taste and see the difference

We are rather choosey about the tea we choose in our products and are asked to select the best quality in each category. Why? Because we want to make a difference! We will not offer you a very low quality tea in very cheap price. Our tea is the best in each of their category and we offer you a very reasonable price.

Taylor Tea Series

This is a very special tea; made from the Sri Lanka’s oldest tea trees which was planted in 1867 in the place called Loolecondera estate. These oldest tea trees still available in the plot number 7 of that estate, and we are plucking all the tea tips to made this special tea. In this series we bring you the tippy teas, abandoned with tea tips.

Lantana Classic Series

Lantana classic series comes with 4 types of ceylon black teas. Under our gold label we give you the supreme quality black tea, rich with pleasant aroma and golden colour tea brew. Our silver label is flowery tea who loves to drink tea more often. Red label is the most demanding in this series, as it gives a very attractive colour when it brew. Yellow label is with more broken leaves which gives a little darker colour in the tea brew.

West lake longjin tea series

This tea series named according to the place where it born and produce, the Xi Hu (West Lake) is a place where this particular Longjing is grown, in the Longjing mountain area of Hangzhou, southwest of the West Lake. The fertile land is both rich in phosphorus and sub-acidic sand. This region prevents the cold current from the north and holds back the warm current from the south,thus the growing area of Longjing tea can be coated by cloud and mist for long periods of time. With such favorable growing conditions, needless to say.
The making process of the west lake longjing tea, from picking time, technique, to making, are strict exquisite. Different from other tea production, the making process of the west lake longjing are almost all handmade.

Milk Tea Series

In this series, tea comes in powder form, hen its easy to make a tea in no seconds. It is very convenient in your busy daily life. Even though it comes in powder form, we guarantee the powder inside these is made from ceylon black tea and new Zealand cow’s milk.